May 2009

Long overdue, I am reviving my previous effort to provide resources about my father-in-law’s first cousin, Ervin Nyiregyhazi.  I was the first to have a comprehensive website to archive information and provide access to recordings and images.  My goal is to complete retrofitting my old content into this far easier and more attractive format before the end of the summer of 2009.

I am noted in Kevin Bazzana’s excellent and comprehensive biography, Lost Genius.  I am not a musician and am not qualified to judge the merits of performances.  My background is in information systems and search engine technology.   I also have a family interest in Nyiregyhazi’s genealogy.  My goal is to archive, not to editorialize, leaving judgement to qualified historians, musicologists, aficionados and to posterity.

Aaron D. Gross
Los Angeles, California

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